Weston County Assessor

Field Review Schedule

Field appraisers will be reviewing properties in the Osage area.  They will also be reviewing oil and gas equipment throughout Weston County.

On-Site Review of Properties within Weston County

The Weston County Assessorís Office conducts an on-going and continuous program of reviewing all properties. This review includes checking the size, type, condition and other characteristic information of all improvements on the property. These field checks are required by Wyoming Statutes and Department of Revenue Rules to ensure the information used in the valuation of properties is current and accurate. In addition, new construction and changes are reviewed and listed for assessments. The Assessorís office staff conducts these inspections. All employees have photo identification issued by the county. They operate county vehicles with signs on the doors identifying the Assessorís Office. The first step in every property visit is to go to the door, identify themselves and explain the purpose of their visit. If no one is home, they leave a ĎDoor Hangerí stating their names, the office phone number, and notes on any information that may be needed.




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