Welcome to the Weston County Treasurer Vehicle Registration Page


For Renewals you will need:

  • A renewal postcard, previous registration or a plate number.
  • Proof of Insurance

For Commercial Plates:  Renewals and New Registration

For New Registrations

  • Copy of title
  • Copy of current registration, if previously registered in another state
  • Proof of Insurance

Registration fees are calculated the same across all counties in Wyoming, by the following:

Factory Cost  x  Year of Service Rate  x  3%  =  County Fee

Year of         Service












2014 & older


State Fees are a flat rate based on type of vehicle:

Cars, Vans, and SUVs:      $30.00
Motorcycles and ATVs:    $25.00
Trucks, Trailers and Campers are by weight:
1,000 lbs. or less                  $5.00
1,001 lbs. to 3,500 lbs.     $30.00
3,501 lbs. to 4,500 lbs.     $40.00
4,501 lbs. to 5,500 lbs.     $50.00
5,501 lbs. to 6,000 lbs.     $70.00
6,001 and over                  $90.00

County Fee + State Fee = Registration Fee

Contact the County Assessor to see if you qualify for a Veterans Exemption (307) 746-4633.


Entering Wyoming from Another State

New residents to Wyoming who are currently registered in another state will need to bring in their current registration and proof of insurance. If the current registration is 30+ days expired, it will be required to obtain a Wyoming title before it can be registered. The title can be obtained with the Weston County Clerk (307) 746-4744.

Farm Stickers
WY STAT § 31-18-103 (iv) Intrastate transportation on his own motor vehicle or combination of vehicles having a gross vehicle weight of less than eighty thousand (80,000) pounds by any farmer or rancher, or the employee of a farmer or rancher exclusively in his service, transporting produce or commodities for his own use to and from his farm or ranch;
(v) The exchange of intrastate transportation in their own motor vehicles, or combination of vehicles having a gross vehicle weight of less than eighty thousand (80,000) pounds by farmers or ranchers, or the employees of farmers or ranchers exclusively in their service, when the exchange is between farmers or ranchers, or their employees, in the immediate community;





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